Members of the Steering Committee!

Fair Planet is run, according to its statues, by a seven members committee and two supervisors. All of them are elected by the general meeting of the organisation’s members.

The members of the Steering Committee are:


Chairman: Giorgos Kalliabetsos

Giorgos Kalliabetsos is a specialist in internal medicine, working in the Greek National Health System since 1987. He has been the director of the internal medicine department in Sitia, Chios, Volos and Zagora hospitals. He has taken master’s courses in Haematology, Tropical Medicine and has been trained in medical emergencies. He is a co founder of Fair Planet, Doctors of the Earth, the Sitia Committee for “Peace in the Balkans”, the Sitia and Chios group for refugees and the Chios democratic body for human rights. He is also a member of Doctors of the World in Greece, the board of Sitia Red Cross and of Amnesty International. He has participated in many humanitarian missions in Greece, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Darfur, Sri Lanka, Niger and Palestine.


Vice-chairman: Manolis Pleksousakis

Manolis Pleksousakis is an Associate Professor of Surgery in the general hospital of Sitia and is an establishing member of Fair Planet. Apart from surgery, he specializes in medical emergencies, particularly trauma, and trains doctors and paramedics. He is a member of the scientific board of the National Ambulance Service Centre “EKAB” of Crete. He also gives first aid courses to citizens, paramedics and nurses of the Hellenic Red Cross. He is a member of the “Supporting people with disabilities Charity Union” of Sitia. He is an establishing member of the ecological group of Sitia. He is trying to improve the reception of refugees in Crete.

Παλαιότερα μέλη της Δ.Ε.:

Secretary: Vangelis Kechriotis

Vangelis Kechriotis was born in Athens in 1974 where he has lived ever since. He is a lawyer and member of the Athens Bar Association since1999. He is a member of Fair Planet. It has worked as coordinator of European programs and as a supervisor of the legal assistance program in the “Centre of Research for Gender Equality”. He provides voluntary work in the program of legal assistance of the “Therapy Centre of Depended Individuals” and the Greek Union for the Human Rights. He is also member of “The Volunteers for Forest Protection in Attica”.


Treasurer: Rebecca Tzanetea

Rebecca Tzanetea, an establishing member of Fair planet, is a doctor. She has done major research in the field of Haematology in the department of Internal Medicine of the University Of Athens School Of Medicine, in the Laiko Hospital, where she also contributes to the education of medicine students. She has been trained as an international emissary of the Hellenic Red Cross and she has also been a volunteer’s instructor. She has been a member of the Doctors of the Earth and has a major voluntary record. She is attending a master’s course of “Crisis Medicine” in order to empower Fair Planet and train the volunteers of the organisation.


Member: Manos Spiridakis

Manos Spyridakis is an establishing member of Fair Planet. Born in 1969 in Aitoloakarnania, he is a lecturer in the department of Social and Educational Politics of the University of Peloponnese. He has done major research and educational work in the field of social anthropology. His knowledge is important for the scientific documentation of the organisation.


Member: Maria Liontou

Maria Liontou is a representative of Volunteer Forum in Fair Planet’s Steering Committee and participates actively in all activities of the organisation. She was born in 1974 in Athens and studied Sociology in the University Crete. She is holder of a postgraduate title from the Department of political science and History of Panteion University. Her research interest is focused in the field of Sociology of Religion. She has participated in programs of Environmental Social Policy, as well as in programs of Fighting of Violence Against Women. She has also participated in academic research programs, applying the biographical method. For the last ten years she has been working as an accountant assistant in big construction company.


Member: Marina Pitarokoili

Marina Pitarokoili has graduated the Medical School of the National of University Athens and attends the second year of the Postgraduate Program “International Medicine - Management of crises of health”. She collaborates with the research laboratory of the 1st Pathological Clinic of Athens University. She is a member of Fair Planet and is a representative of Volunteer Forum in Fair Planet’s steering Committee. Marina has participated in humanitarian missions in Tanzania in the frames of the Postgraduate Program “International Medicine - Management of crises of health” and in the Gaza Strip with Fair Planet. She also offers voluntary work in the Polyclinic of Doctors of World in Athens.


Supervisor: Nikos Theotokas

Nikos Theotokas is an establishing member of Fair Planet. He was born in Athens in 1956 and completed his studies in Athens and Paris. He is a Professor of Theoretical and Historical Sociology of the Panteion University of Athens. He has been the General Secretary of the Hellenic Federation of University Teachers' Associations, the Chairman of the department of Political Science and History and the deputy director of the master’s course “Political Science and History”. He is a member of the board directors of the “Nikos Poulantzas” institute. He often writes for the newspaper “I avgi” and has been a member of the editorial committee of the magazine “O Politis”. He is a member of the Hellenic Social Forum. Along with N.Kotaridis and P.Lekkas, they run the scientific magazine “Dokimes - Social Studies Review”.


Supervisor: Hera Kaliabetsou

Hera Kaliabetsou is a lawyer and member of the Athens Bar Association. She has great experience of issues concerning NGOs. She has been the legal advisor of The International Development Corporation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece. She is the chairman of the “Anima” which is an Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife and of the “Hellenic Society of Law and Archaeology”. She is also the legal advisor of the association for protection and welfare of wildlife of Aegina. Hera is an establishing member of Fair Planet. She has been the head of mission in Kosovo and of humanitarian aid programs, funded by E.U. (ECHO). She has taken part in missions as an election observer in Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Georgia and as a member of the European Commission Representation in Turkey for issues concerning the civil society and the application of democracy.






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