The goals of Fair Planet!

FAIR PLANET aims to provide humanitarian assistance and solidarity to people in distress.Our objective is to contribute to social and economic development of people and communities facing humanitarian crises and problems deriving either from natural disasters or political, social and economic factors, by offering humanitarian work and solidarity to populations at risk, without prejudice, regardless of race, creed or nationality. Climate change resulting natural disasters, deadly infections, war, and policies that lead to extreme poverty create serious humanitarian crises in which the FAIR PLANET is invited to intervene.


Fair planet's objective is the active mobilization of citizens aiming to pursuit the following:

1. The provision of humanitarian or development aid, in order to contribute to social and economic development of people and communities throughout the world facing humanitarian crises deriving from natural disasters, civil or social conflicts economical distress or wars. 

2. Actions aim at the real needs of the beneficiary population and are compatible with the Treaties and International Principles, taking into account the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, promoting democracy, gender equality and protecting vulnerable social groups.

3. The promotion of volunteering as a social intervention and the and the enhancement of human solidarity without discrimination, regardless of creed, ethnic origin, disability, age, sexual orientation and political status and with full acceptance of the principles of human rights. 

4. To secure the effective planning and implementation of a) Development projects in developing countries, tailored to local conditions and needs, aiming at combating long-term poverty and at ameliorating the overall living conditions, b) Emergency humanitarian programs (distribution of humanitarian aid, health care provision) aiming to affront humanitarian crises deriving from armed conflicts, migration, environmental conditions, etc.
Fair planet launches actions and programmes with emphasis given to the fight against poverty and the conditions which create and reproduce it, to the provision of clean water, housing,
vocational rehabilitation training, the harmonization of programs to environmental protection, to strengthen human rights, to the elimination of the disadvantages of women, the reduction of infant and child mortality, the protection of children and the empowerment of primary health and education.

5. To create awareness in developed countries about the situation in developing countries of the so-called «Third World», both in terms of environmental degradation, the need for environmental protection measures and the fight against poverty. 

6. To develop programs and support networks to assist disadvantaged social and population groups with special priority to women and children. 

7.To promote cooperation with other agencies, organizations and national and international associations aiming at relative purposes and take action in the fight against poverty, the promotion of human rights and environmental protection. Any cooperation shall be based on transparency, and mutual respect.

To be engaged in activities serving all of the above purposes.






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